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ZAYN - Dusk Till Dawn ft. Sia (SING OFF vs. Madison Beer)
101,936,304 Views • Sep 25, 2017 • Click to toggle off description
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I couldn’t get Madison to go for a drink with me; but she wasn’t interested anyway. Basically make sure they like you before you order roses and a full orchestra…. Turns out we’re more Brad and Angelina than Kim and Kanye

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Views : 101,936,304
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Date of upload: Sep 25, 2017 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


4 years ago

Madison Beer Side profile: 🗣 My side profile:🗿

24K |


4 years ago

Madison blushing when he started singing “dead” 🥺

4.3K |


1 year ago

All the sing offs are so addicting it’s actually crazy I’ve been listening to them for the past 6+ years😭

1.2K |


8 months ago

5 years later and this masterpiece is at 100M views! Well deserved👏 I remember sitting and listening to this the moment it came out and being mesmerized by their talent 😍 still feel the same way today listening to it !! So proud of you guys and still waiting for an original song collab with you two 😊

449 |


4 years ago

who’s watching this quarantined in 2021?

91K |


4 years ago

imagine having a side profile as good as madison’s

46K |


8 months ago

watching madison sing and her passion is beyond words. her expressions, her smile and her true enjoyment is sooo uplifting. and conors voice is just all that. he has the notes and the enjoyment, pain, love and true feelings for everything he sings!!!!!!

129 |


1 month ago

Who in 2024?

60 |


4 years ago

madison beer is the most perfect thing ive ever seen in my whole life

2.9K |


4 years ago

i legit watched this one day after it came out and didn’t even realize that this was MADISON BEER like i-

19K |


4 months ago

2024 anyone?

283 |


1 year ago

Who more wants a remake of this after 5 years?

140 |


3 years ago

Unpopular opinion- quarantine makes old songs popular again.

6.1K |


4 years ago

She sounds like Rihanna and Ariana grande mix

4.4K |


10 months ago

This one is BY FAR the best one. Your voices match so well. Well done!!!

212 |


1 week ago

She looks so pretty when she keeps her hair like that.😭💓

5 |


4 years ago

She is so quiet and shy but when she sings it’s like she’s a different person

7.7K |


4 years ago

Her cute face when he sang her song “Dead” 😳😳😳

3.3K |


7 months ago

My gosh, they sound SO GOOOOOD together when they do Dusk Til Dawn!!!

23 |


8 months ago

I’m addicted to this video I can’t stop coming back one of the best videos on YouTube their voices are both angelic😇🙏🔥

53 |

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