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Views : 6,429,481
Genre: Comedy
Date of upload: Mar 2, 2022 ^^

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2 years ago

i hope christy and ileana are able to cultivate a loving mother daughter relationship and then they ruin danny’s life, together, as a family💞

18K |


2 years ago

The fact that he says he sees her as his "daughter" and then proceeds to constantly make sexual jokes about her and jokes about cheating on his wife is genuinely the most disgusting thing and the fact that he's being enabled by the show producers grosses me out to no end.

25K |


10 months ago

I don't think I've ever felt worse for a woman in my entire life. Every second Christy is on screen she looks like she's about to die of loneliness

6.3K |


10 months ago

the "where's my blowy" actually blew me away

1.5K |


2 years ago

He literally thinks he’s gonna get to live a real life porn fantasy and is so unashamed about it, this is all completely normal to him. I’ve never heard someone call somebody a “freak show” in the nicest most non-threatening way possible. His poor wife really needs to gather the courage to tell him he’s f*cking disgusting and hit the road

8.8K |


2 years ago

He makes it seem like accidentally becoming romantically attracted to your child is a normal thing parents have to deal with. This man is not okay

13K |


10 months ago

Fun fact: In Victorian England it was common in gay couples for one man to adopt the other. This would allow them to share their surname as marriage wasn’t yet allowed.

4.6K |


10 months ago

Christy is not a crazy cat lady, shes a mature cat lady.

1.1K |


2 years ago

i feel like him being racist is just the cherry on top. predator and racist. dude really said "this isn't even my final form"

10K |


2 years ago

Christy needs someone who appreciates her feelings and her felines.

29K |


1 year ago

I love the way he describes being a pedophile towards someone he is supposed to be adopting as an uncontrollable urge to see them a certain way please submit yourself to either a hospital or go to jail

345 |


11 months ago

Poor Christie, I hope she finds someone who treats her (and her cats) well. Hope the girl they were going to adopt found a safe home.

489 |


2 years ago

The fact that his wife is openly crying, red from crying or teary eyed on EVERY scene...says a lot...He doesn't even notice! He doesn't even care! He just wants to do his own thing and string that poor woman along... He wants to hurt her!

13K |


1 year ago

"Share OUR marrital problems" my guy, you are the marrital problem

7.6K |


10 months ago

Christy looks like shes on the verge of tears the entire time its so sad

218 |


1 year ago

I was adult adopted and it was one of the best things to happen to me! My birth parents neglected me in a lot of ways so it’s been really healing for me to have loving parents. Its definitely not for everyone tho and the decision shouldn’t be taken lightly. Before she adopted me my mom had already filled a motherly role in my life and then she realized that she loved me like her own daughter so now she’s got two!

325 |


1 year ago

I want to give Christy a hug. Or a cat, whichever she prefers

7.1K |


2 years ago

The fact that he cheated on her and admits that he could develop feelings for a teenager, yet says"OUR marital problems"and acts like it's her fault when she started crying, says a lot about him.If someone said"show me an abusive, manipulative and unloving husband" I'd point right at Danny

20K |


7 months ago

Danny was fr like "stop crying i only have a crush on our daughter"

85 |


10 months ago

“Where’s my blowie” is crazy 💀💀

122 |

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