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Madison Beer Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED
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2,446,911 Views • Oct 20, 2021 • Click to toggle off description
Madison Beer takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet's most searched questions about herself. Who is Madison Beer's best friend? Is Madison a Kpop idol? Is she from Long Island? How was she discovered? Madison answers all these questions and more!

Catch Madison Beer on "The Life Support Tour" kicking off October 18. For dates, details, and tickets info, go here - www.madisonbeer.com/live/

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Madison Beer Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED
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Views : 2,446,911
Genre: Entertainment
Date of upload: Oct 20, 2021 ^^

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YouTube Comments - 2,195 Comments

Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 years ago

" i've watched every single one of this videos and the fact that i'm holding a board, this is an honour " she's so sweet 😭

11K |


2 years ago

I met her on the street 3hrs ago. we talked for about 10 mins and she’s exactly like that irl. she’s kind, genuine & also very wise beyond her years. she gave me some life advices and we also laughed about random things. we’re close in age so I felt like I was speaking to a friend. I even forgot that she was a celebrity bc of how comfortable and at ease I was when speaking to her.

10K |


2 years ago

i met her and she is exactly like that irl. she's so kind and sweet and genuine. she's so inclusive with everyone. she deserves everything good that's happening to her

2.8K |


2 years ago

This girl gets so much hate for no reason at all and it’s so sad. She is sooo talented and just so kind. One of the most underrated singers of our generation

2K |


2 years ago

She is the absolute sweetest person like her energy is just radiating kindness

8.1K |


2 years ago

Her answer to "how to be madison beer" is honestly so kind and down to earth

1.7K |


2 years ago

She should call her fandom “earth angels” I think that’s so cute !

781 |


2 years ago

she’s literally so sweet i’ve ran into her a couple times when I’m in LA and it’s so easy to get into conversation with her she makes it seem like ur friends <3 love her

684 |


2 years ago

" there is a beer company in Wisconsin that is called Madison Beer, the reason that i know this is because i had to pay them for their twitter handle online " THIS IS SO 😭😭

3.4K |


2 years ago

she has the coolest and most genuine personality ever!! it just makes me want to be her friend and talk to her for hours!

12K |


4 months ago

The fact i found her through K/DA and she actually talked about it during this interview brought me so much joy. She honestly seems like such a genuine person and she deserves all good things this world has to offer to her. Absolutely love her and her music

32 |


2 years ago

Her aura is so amazing, she's so genuine and there's also no dead pause

127 |


2 years ago

she’s such a genuine sweet soul, who’s so open about talking about mental health and everything. she deserves the world!

2.8K |


2 years ago

I feel like she is the only celebrity who seems genuinely excited to do this

1K |


2 years ago

This is the first time I’ve heard her speak and she’s actually a lot more well-spoken than I imagined her to be.

105 |


2 years ago

No wonder why her lyrics are so good. She speaks so well.

109 |


2 years ago

If Madison and Olivia collabed, it'll be a whole tub of tears

1K |


2 years ago

i love her personality and voice so much. she rediates such a good energy and is so sweet and honest with her fans. she really doesn't deserve any of this hate

1.8K |


2 years ago

I love how she’s so straight forward about how what we see is not what goes on behind the scenes and that being a celebrity isn’t always fun

89 |


2 years ago

Felt like I was talking to a friend. She’s a great person, you can just tell

161 |

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