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girl in red - i wanna be your girlfriend (Glastonbury 2022)
1,448,443 Views • Jun 26, 2022 • Click to toggle off description
GUIDANCE: Contains strong language and flashing images

girl in red performs i wanna be your girlfriend at Glastonbury 2022. Go to BBC iPlayer now to watch more.
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Views : 1,448,443
Genre: Music
Date of upload: Jun 26, 2022 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 year ago

Loved the respect of the crowd. It was so impressive that she was able to just walk in the middle with no security and nobody ran to her.

10K |


1 year ago

This is the type of artist that makes anyone who wishes they were a teenager in the 70s glad that they're alive now. She damn epic.

7.5K |


1 year ago

She rocked that stage, and she rocked that crowd! What a performance. I bet security was biting their nails off, though lol

5.9K |


1 year ago

this dad with his daughter at 4:00 is the cutest thing ever. that daughter seems to be living the best moment of her life, and the father just lives it through her

3K |


1 year ago

This live version is 100x better than the studio version, even before she goes full Fishbone at the end.

3.2K |


1 year ago

I love she did the most metal thing ever during the performance of an indie song! She has a new fan, great stuff!

2.1K |


1 year ago

That was one of the most incredible crowds I have ever, ever seen. Wow. The fact she pulled that off... the respect and the unity... Amazing.

1.2K |


1 year ago

she’s the most metal indie performer ever oml i need to go to her concert right this second

686 |


1 year ago

i loved this performance, she was so obviously insecure and uncomfortable at the start of her set and kept telling herself to shut up, but as she got further in and realised that we all loved her and supported her, she got so comfortable and did incredible shit like this. her vocals n the music were also just amazing

698 |


1 year ago

God she’s so fucking cool! I know my inner child wanted to rock out like this, and we never got to see woman representation especially in the rock/alternative genre. I love to see her loving her dreams and making them reality while always making other peoples dreams come true!!! This is love 💖💖

924 |


1 year ago

Girl in red to represent Norway at Eurovision! She has great songs and she can sing well live

613 |


1 week ago

this must be one of the coolest moshpits I have ever seen. First she took the fear of many in the crowd, reminded them to be gentle, and then threw herself right in the middle of it all. 10/10 performance.

1 |


2 months ago

Saw an ad on Instagram just now for her upcoming show in Brussels which was a clip of her at a live performance opening up a pit. No security, no entourage, just her, in the center of this big ass pit. How can you not love an artist like that. How can you not love a crowd that respects their artist like that? Same here. No one ran up to her. Not to touch her, not for a forced selfie, not to say hi, nothing. They just opened up the wall, let her walk through it, kneel down at the end, do the wall and get het back on stage without any issue. That's amazing.

10 |


1 year ago

Just gotta give it up for the bassist man, high energy/stage presence and amazing licks while keeping a steady foundation. any band would be blessed to have such a player in the rythm section

316 |


1 year ago

She always rocks the stage

338 |


1 year ago

Who would've thought that such a sweet song will have that sick guitar playing and moshpit included. Pleasantly surprised.

159 |


1 year ago

her stage presence is absolutely amazing

87 |


1 year ago

this is one of the brightest performances I've ever seen. she seems to really enjoy the stage. these interactions with the crowd are so bold, but people really love her. she is an icon. Her song sounds absolutely adorable.

151 |


9 months ago

everytime i hear her sing I honestly start to cry of tears of joy bc theres not many times where i feel like i fit in but her songs makes me better for fitting in for once if that makes sense

55 |


1 year ago

I have to say Girl in Red was my favourite live band at Glasto 2022 - This performance was a real moment for the very lucky fans in the audience - She is soo cool - I love her - x

550 |

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