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Madison Beer - Home To Another One (Official Music Video)
5,583,764 Views • Premiered Jun 1, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
Madison Beer - Home To Another One (Official Music Video)

"Home To Another One" available at: madisonbeer.lnk.to/htao
Pre-order "Silence Between Songs": MadisonBeer.lnk.to/SilenceBetweenSongs

Follow Madison:
Instagram: www.instagram.com/madisonbeer
Twitter: twitter.com/madisonbeer
Facebook: www.facebook.com/madisonellebeer
TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@madisonbeer

(C) 2023 Epic Records/Sing It Loud

#MadisonBeer #HomeToAnotherOne
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Views : 5,583,764
Genre: Music
Date of upload: Premiered Jun 1, 2023 ^^

Rating : 4.904 (3,047/123,931 LTDR)
RYD date created : 2024-06-12T14:43:06.495986Z
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 year ago

people need to stop seeing her as an influencer and actually listen to her music and realize she can write, sing and produce bops always...

9.8K |


1 year ago

madison beer could literally sit and stare at the camera for an hour and I’d still be entertained lol

8.3K |


1 year ago

I love her voice. It's like listening to a mermaid singing . She gives me Lana del Rey vibes - that smooth and very feminine and soft sound
Congrats 🎉🎉🎉 Madison Beer

1.4K |


11 months ago

How does she have 36 million instagram followers but this video has less than 2 million views? It's a good song. It deserves more views.

871 |


1 year ago

madison is extremely unappreciated by the music industry. i hope her label see the potential she has an artist, she deserves her mainstream moment and this could be it.

1.7K |


1 year ago

The way you can feel some influences of her favorite artists (Lana, Tame Impala…) yet you can still feel the song as her own personal signature sound. Madison is such an underrated amazing artist, I still can’t get over her outstanding debut album. Love you Mads, keep going, I hope I can see you again on tour 🪐🫶🏼❤️‍🩹

2.3K |


9 months ago

at 1:11 her magazine says “did the world stop spinning” like her latest song “spinnin” ❤️

121 |


10 months ago

This is the most cohesive sound she has produced. I can definitely hear the growth. Great job!

252 |


1 year ago

She really creating a lane for herself! Taking bits and pieces from her influences and creating something unique for her own sound. She’s so criminally underrated and I’ll support her forever !!!

1.5K |


1 year ago

living for this futuristic sound 🛸

5.4K |


7 months ago

This type of music suit her the best imo ! Her deep voice mixed with this type of sound really is the best

92 |


11 months ago

I'm not exaggerating that her whole discography is flawless and that's insane considering she 's been active since she was discovered at 13 but still people don't want to recognize her for her talent and music... She really does deserve the world and all the recognition

107 |


1 year ago

the media twisted my perception of this woman for so long. last year i finally sat down and listened to her entire discography and it is just out of this fucking world. so so proud of you mads you're so incredibly talented and we're ready for whatever you bring to us next (:

1.9K |


1 year ago

madison never disappoints.

595 |


10 months ago

madison's voice with tame impala vibes !!!!

34 |


1 year ago

Such a good song wish she would release an extended version! It doesn’t last long enough it’s too good 😢

102 |


1 year ago


3K |


1 year ago

Most underrated artist imo. She is always noticed for being so gorgeous but people often look past how great her music is. Truly so much talent 💓

1.9K |


11 months ago

[Verse 1]
I know what I should say
"I don't think of you," but I do
Oh, I do, I do
Black car on the highway
Could’ve sworn I saw your face
Was it you? Was it you?

I still hear you

Call me, "Baby"
I know you go home to another one
Say you hate me
It's okay, boy, you're not the only one
Another year, we’re still here
Call me, "Baby"
I know you go home to another one

[Verse 2]
Do you talk about me?
Like I still belong to you
Do you? Do you?
Now you hold her gently
Don't you wish you saw us through?
'Cause I do, I do

I still hear you

Call me, "Baby"
I know you go home to another one
Say you hate me
It's okay, boy, you're not the only one
Another year, we'rе still here
Call me, "Baby"
I know you go homе to another one

I know you go home to another one
Another year, we're still here
Call me, "Baby"
I know you go home to another one

79 |


1 month ago

Love that she included a little set of bloopers!

5 |

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